Your Mission Is The Right Thing For You To Do

It’s that time of year to reflect on personal effectiveness and to navigate the course forward. Newton informed us that speed is measured relative to some relevant object. Similarly, strategic effectiveness is evaluated relative to one’s mission.

Mission – be it organizational or personal – is mystifying to many. And yet, a mission that is well-conceived and well-executed can be purposeful, differentiating and profitable. When a mission powerfully informs action, it is a vital tool for success.

Most people favor mission statements that are brief, to the point, and memorable. I agree, yet every mission statement regardless of length should trigger curiosity and prompt conversation.

My mission is to enable extraordinary leadership. Since you are reading this, my guess is: we are well matched.

A simple test of mission-orientation is congruence over the course of time.

What is your mission?

Consider this: Mission is the difference one intends to make in the lives of those one serves. If you wish, you can write to me about your mission. My email address is bruce@fritchconsulting.com.