Fearlessness Is Next To Insightfulness

The state of insight is aided by the same energy and attitude we experience in rich, creative teamwork. Insight, as I use the term, is the manifestation of genius in each of us: the prime synthesis of data and intuition that yields true – often simple – understanding. The brilliant flash of awakening when new cognitive comprehension is confirmed by gut validation. (See: Getting To Insight.) It is generally intuitive, hopeful, courageous.

Insight is attracted to worthy intention – the drive to understand a problem, to break new ground, to uplift the world.

Insight is inhibited by disrespect, cynicism, and apathy.  It can manifest in wonder buoyed by hopefulness, but hardly in the company of scorn, ridicule or despair.

To increase the probability of being insightful, leaders create emotional security in the workplace. The vibration of expectancy that accompanies the intuitive synthesis of worthy intention, subjective considerations, and objective facts is characteristically fearless.

What can you do to build solid foundations of emotional security for innovators in the workplace?  Can you increase your team’s confidence to ask constructively impertinent questions, and to invigorate worthy goals?