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Deepening the brilliance of leadership. At every level.

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Deepening the
brilliance of leadership

“I work with leaders to unleash their human brilliance — accelerating business growth and success.”

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“We humans are capable of greatness … Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”
-Carl Sagan (1934-1996) American astrophysicist

Bruce W. Fritch

“Bruce has worked in dedicated advisory relationships with more CEOs, Boards and C-Suite Executives than anyone, anywhere. He’s a leader’s teacher. His depth of experience advising and facilitating insights for strategy, culture, change leadership, and business growth is unmatched.”

Some of the clients with whom we've worked...

What our clients have to say...

"Even rarer in a strategist of Bruce’s caliber is his grasp of operations, his political antennae, and his ability to turn insights into specific steps that I’ve been able to implement very successfully.”

-Josephine S. (Jo) Cooper
Public Affairs Consultation
Josephine Cooper LLC
formerly: Group Vice President Public Policy
& Government/Industry Affairs,
Toyota Motor North America
formerly: President & CEO, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

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"Bruce’s real value proposition is identifying the art of the possible and constructing the action plans to get there. He is an exceptional builder of strategy and execution agent. He always brings a unique and grounded perspective to every interaction.”

-Sanford A. Cockrell III
Global Leader and U.S. National Managing Partner
CFO Program Deloitte LLP

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"Bruce is a rock of wisdom and business insight. He sees pattern, where others see chaos; he finds solutions, where others find problems.”

-Cynthia Ackrill, M.D.
President, WellSpark

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"Bruce has a brilliant business mind and a very rare talent: he enables executives to transform their hidden wisdom into pragmatic insight that yields powerful leadership results. For over thirty years I have seen him transform senior managers into great leaders that dramatically enhanced their competence, confidence, and influence. Bruce has helped countless complex organizations hardwire leader accountability into their strategic planning process to guarantee sustained results and growth.”

-Chip Bell, Ph.D., Chairman, Chip Bell Group

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"We hired Bruce Fritch to advise our senior management team at The Pantry, Inc. He came highly recommended by Deloitte. He was very thorough in his analysis of directors and members of our management team, who responded most positively to his empathetic, egalitarian approach. He helped us address key business matters to work even better as a company and a team.

Bruce has a rare, human quality, he actually listens to what people say!”

-Thomas Murnane
(formerly: Lead Director, The Pantry, Inc.)
Co-Founder and Co-Principal,
ARC Business Advisors

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"I have worked with Bruce for more than 30 years, and can say with confidence that a hallmark of his consulting is that he is completely trustworthy with the highest sense of values and unique turn of mind.

While compassionate, he is also a tough taskmaster. I know when I work with Bruce that he will get the job done well and right — a refreshing certainty.”

-Nella G. Barkley
Founder and CEO
Crystal-Barkley Group

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"During Bruce’s last day with us, I expressed some anxiety about being the youngest member of the team, confiding that I probably had a lot to learn. At which point he stunned me by saying, with absolute sincerity, “Maybe you have a lot to teach.” It hit like a bullet, and boosted my sense of self-worth at a time I really needed it.

I’m grateful for the insight, and for suggesting I really could take my self-confidence to audacious new heights.”

-Alex Quici
Lyon, France

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