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Deepening the brilliance of leadership. At every level.

“Bruce W. Fritch may be the most insightful executive coach in the world — and he is much more than that!”

The Fritch Program for Authentic Leadership Brilliance.

Learn how to:

  • Develop Your Authentic Leadership Brilliance
  • Clarify your Talents & Purpose
  • Activate & Empower Your Insight

The Fritch Program for Authentic Leadership Brilliance is a 3-month series of one-on-one sessions with such an advisor. Through personalized teaching you will begin to develop your authentic leadership brilliance by thinking and applying leadership concepts and practices designed to empower your insight and accelerate your success.

“Bruce is a leader’s teacher. His depth of experience advising and facilitating insights for strategy, culture, change leadership, and business growth is unmatched.”

POSTED Insights

Some of the clients with whom we've worked...


I work with leaders to influence the deeper potential of human brilliance in their culture, mission, goals and markets.

Bruce W. Fritch has worked with more CEOs, Boards and C-Suite Executives than anyone, anywhere in dedicated advisory relationships.

Bruce has been consulted by global executive leaders for decades and is one of America’s most accomplished, experienced and trusted advisors to CEOs, boards and senior executive leaders.

SAMPLE PRojects...

✓ Conducted performance assessment with the member companies and the staff of a major industry trade association. Facilitated inclusive strategic planning process with member companies’ CEOs. Advised the executive committee and the board of governors, focusing on decision-making and translation of the strategic plan into pragmatic executive decisions.

✓ Facilitated comprehensive strategic review (“strategic audit”) for the board of directors and executive management team of one of the most profitable steel producers in North America, headquartered in Canada. Culminated in three-day offsite meeting during which executive management conferred with board on strategic plan and board’s strategic wisdom.

✓ Predisposed and facilitated key offsite meeting for COB of Big Four accounting/professional services firm, held for operating committee at firm’s global talent development center. Chairman extended this offsite from three days to five after the first day, at critical time in firm’s culture/history.

✓ Served as strategy consultant for the “reinvention” of the oldest major industry association in North America, based in Washington, DC. Conducted situation assessments and facilitated strategic planning with teams comprised of member companies’ CEOs. Facilitated strategic and operational planning with committees charged with translating and implementing the strategic plans.

✓ Partnered with world-renown CEO of major industry association to transform the leadership team and organization culture into a model of collaborative teamwork, thought-leadership and organizational effectiveness.

✓ Conducted organizational review of department in major industry association, aimed at improving effectiveness with departmental staff, other departments and association members. Included the development of improved communications systems aimed at strengthening relationships with other departments, with member companies and with the U.S. Congress and Federal regulatory agencies.

✓ Designed and implemented (via one-week seminars) basic management curriculum for managers and team leaders for twelve regions of international professional services firm. Regarded as the classic “charm school” for senior managers ascending to partner rank, the seminar also served as the forum for executive-level partners to meet with internal talent and future leaders.

✓ Facilitated strategic planning for CEO and Senior Management Team of leading commercial real estate development and property management firm, with record of over 25 consecutively profitable years of operation. Coached senior executive leaders and designed and facilitated team building and leadership development programs.

✓ Designed and taught practical, experiential, strategic leadership workshops with the North American headquarters of an EU-based manufacturer. Focus: Practices identified as particularly important to the company’s strategic growth and success. Provided strategy coaching for CEO and executive team members.

✓ Supported new CEO in start-up of trade association for a major industry. Coached this leader on shifting from senior management to CEO role, requiring more strategic and global perspective encompassing the market, member companies, and federal/state governments. Facilitated design of staff roles and responsibilities and decision-making process. Coached CEO in building positive member and Board relations. Set groundwork for strategic planning.

✓ Coached the CEO of commercial bank regarding philosophy and practices of strategic thinking and decision-making. Facilitated the senior management team for development of the bank’s strategic plan, and presentation of the plan to the board of directors. Coached management in the implementation of the strategic plan to differentiate the bank in the marketplace.

✓ Conducted organizational reviews and client studies, and facilitated strategic planning for the chairman, CEO, and executive committee of Big Four professional services firm. Focus: Alignment of firm-wide operating office practices with new strategic direction and Baldrige National Quality Program service standards.

✓ Designed and implemented (via one-week seminars) basic management curriculum for managers and team leaders for twelve regions of international professional services firm. Regarded as the classic “charm school” for managers ascending to partner rank, the seminar also served as the forum for executive-level partners and notable speakers to meet with future leaders.

Business development strategist and coach to several partner-led business development teams within Big Four accounting and professional services firm, targeting “preferred provider” relationships with specific Fortune 500 firms.

Project consultant for comprehensive strategic and tactical marketing planning, with culture change, accountability, and marketplace differentiation priorities for major financial institution. Lead strategist, heading core planning team, and coordinated the work of eleven associated project teams. Encompassed talent recruitment, onboarding, training and development, tasking, performance measurement, evaluating, reward systems, advertising and public relations, IT, HR, and organizational alignment with Getting to Insight™.

Presented marketing strategy to differentiate Big Four firm intent on becoming the preeminent professional services business in the world. Worked in collaboration with executive-level partners: Developed recommendations for firm-wide strategic architecture and advised on key elements of implementation.

✓ Served as executive coach for the new CEO of the largest professional services firm in the world, and other senior-level partners. Strategist and facilitator for the creation of the firm-wide strategic plan for executive leadership coaching.

✓ Served as advisor to executive director of high-risk inner city school district in Washington, DC. Conducted research, coached each member of the senior leadership team (e.g., school principals) individually and as a team, and facilitated planning and team building offsites to overcome historic discord and reset athleticism, trajectory, and collaboration with executive director’s vision of possibilities.

✓ Served as leadership coach to the president of global commercial real estate services firm. Assisted this exceptional individual in his transition from broker/rainmaker to general manager to CEO. Also, strengthened the performance capacity of the Senior Management Team, HR, and Marketing.

✓ Assisted new executive director and advisory board of nonprofit leadership institute with the mission of building collaborative leadership capacity to solve complex community issues. Coached senior staff on the presentation of plans to board and community leaders.

What our clients have to say...

"Even rarer in a strategist of Bruce’s caliber is his grasp of operations, his political antennae, and his ability to turn insights into specific steps that I’ve been able to implement very successfully.”

– Josephine S. (Jo) Cooper
Public Affairs Consultation
President and CEO
Josephine S. Cooper Public Affairs Consultation,
formerly: President & CEO, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

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"Bruce’s real value proposition is identifying the art of the possible and constructing the action plans to get there. He is an exceptional builder of strategy and execution agent. He always brings a unique and grounded perspective to every interaction.”

– Sanford A. Cockrell III
Global Leader and U.S. National Managing Partner
CFO and CXO Programs
Deloitte LLP

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"Bruce is a rock of wisdom and business insight. He sees pattern, where others see chaos; he finds solutions, where others find problems.”

– Cynthia Ackrill, MD, PCC

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"Bruce has a brilliant business mind and a very rare talent: he enables executives to transform their hidden wisdom into pragmatic insight that yields powerful leadership results. For over thirty years I have seen him transform senior managers into great leaders that dramatically enhanced their competence, confidence, and influence. Bruce has helped countless complex organizations hardwire leader accountability into their strategic planning process to guarantee sustained results and growth.”

– Chip R. Bell, PhD
Senior Partner
The Chip Bell Group

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"We hired Bruce W. Fritch to advise our senior management team at The Pantry, Inc. He came highly recommended by Deloitte. He was very thorough in his analysis of directors and members of our management team, who responded most positively to his empathetic, egalitarian approach. He helped us address key business matters to work even better as a company and a team.

Bruce has a rare, human quality, he actually listens to what people say!”

– Thomas Murnane
(formerly: Lead Director, The Pantry, Inc.)
Co-Founder and Co-Principal,
ARC Business Advisors

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"I have worked with Bruce for more than 30 years, and can say with confidence that a hallmark of his consulting is that he is completely trustworthy with the highest sense of values and unique turn of mind.

While compassionate, he is also a tough taskmaster. I know when I work with Bruce that he will get the job done well and right — a refreshing certainty.”

– Nella Barkley
President & Co-Founder
Crystal-Barkley Corporation

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"During Bruce’s last day with us, I expressed some anxiety about being the youngest member of the team, confiding that I probably had a lot to learn. At which point he stunned me by saying, with absolute sincerity, “Maybe you have a lot to teach.” It hit like a bullet, and boosted my sense of self-worth at a time I really needed it.

I’m grateful for the insight, and for suggesting I really could take my self-confidence to audacious new heights.”

– Alex Quici
Lyon, France

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"Our mission was to take 8 inner city Catholic schools in Washington, DC, and revitalize them, turning them into high-performing ones. This meant bringing together the principals and staff of each school into one cohesive team, overcoming their natural resistance to change, and working with them in ways some of them had never worked before.

Bruce W. Fritch helped bring this about with a skill and agility that was extraordinary. He held in-depth interviews with each of the school principals, helping them to see the coming change as a promise rather than a penalty, and with enormous deftness and sensitivity, assisted us in creating a high-functioning team of educators who soon accomplished this tremendous goal. We made the Center City Consortium a national model of educational reform.”

– Mary Anne Stanton
Former Executive Director
Center City Consortium,
Washington, DC

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“Authentic leadership brilliance is Bruce’s passion and life’s work. He has a remarkably refined understanding of the complexities of this principal and has helped hundreds – if not thousands – of business leaders to understand and achieve their 'full height stance' and optimize their leadership repertoire. I am one of those clients.

Hiring Bruce was one of the best business decisions I have made. Thank you, Bruce.”

– Ann Atkinson
Founder and CEO
Care Property Investors

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Bruce has a way of constructively altering the way one thinks and perceives the world around them. He has the ability to boost one’s faith in themselves so they may expand their dreams and achieve them with confidence. Bruce also exhibits wisdom and empathy, making him a wonderful mentor. His perspective is notably encouraging, turning the most trivial problems into enjoyable adventures."

– Alexandra Brady
Graduate Student & Artist
Client in The Fritch Program for Authentic Leadership Brilliance

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