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Self-Doubt, Extraordinary Power & Self-Mastery

Our secret and passionate need to assure our personal uniqueness vitalizes the demand for alcohol and caffeine beverages, mental and physical health, bars, cafés, cosmetics… and, consumerism, everywhere. Yet, unique you are, possessing great potential—power, extraordinary by type or degree. This, at the very least, is true for you.

We truly are unusual when we acknowledge our worthy, vast potential for achievement. Few do so without shame or guilt. Personal doubts obliterate hope, and potential languishes with our sorry psychology.

The success formula is simple: Above all, respect yourself, and respect your life and the lessons provided. But, doubt often is more intriguing.

Each person has power in some potential forms. The secret to unlocking power is the gift of awareness-of-ease. (Even the suspicion of a differentiating power can become the unlocking key.) Obstacles abound: Social ignorance, the naivety of social entitlement, abuse, laziness, self-pity, false contentment and lack of self-respect—to name a few.

So, for most, the struggle to be worthy entails untangling from self-doubt. Co-workers and neighbors with unattended trauma and co-dependence are so common we accept them as “normal”.

We admire the ease of one who has attained true mastery. The master of anything worthy has discovered how to develop the capacity to perform with an extraordinary power and ease, and perseveres up levels of learning by daily practice. His or her journey began with the gift of a personal commitment to their worthy goal. To do so requires setting aside doubt, sufficiently. Truly, the gift may be in the coincidence of goal and self-discipline, with hope of extraordinary potential.

This conversation requires more precision than most. I am using terms in a particular way, to convey a system of thought. Sometimes these terms are used in other ways, for other purposes.

Here, gift is the awareness of ease with a power. Without this gift, powers lie dormant and unacknowledged. Undeveloped, dormant powers provide no fun, glory, or models for others to emulate.

Power is the ability to perform—extra ordinarily. Powers come in many, many forms.

Here, talent is power manifesting extraordinarily. The enabling gift is awareness-of-ease. The diligent person practices. The careless or lazy ones do not invest in power development. Theirs is a cheap contentment.

Popularly observed powers are mathematical (physicists and mathematicians), spatial (architects and engineers), musical (composers, singers, musical instrument players), athletic (batters with high batting averages or home runs; extraordinary speed or leaping distance). It gets complex: musicians with extraordinary mathematical power, athletes with extraordinary spatial power.

Less popularly observed until we knowingly observe them are powers like healing, nurturance, harmony, synthesis, persistence and proportion. Subtle powers may combine with relative complexity. Consider the holistic healer who’s very presence grounds and eases the patient. Consider yourself when you are truly wise.

All powers reside as potential before the awareness-of-ease gift occurs. The parent and coach of the apparently untalented hope the power merely slumbers and awakens real soon! There are notable examples. Itzhak Perlman grew beyond his personal disdain for musical practice by the iron-willed insistence of his parents, despite the polio-disabled boy’s fervent desire to run and play with his friends. When the gift of awareness finally occurred to him, his practicing took on self-discipline with growing self-acknowledgement, and the violin virtuoso emerged.

Manifesting extraordinary power entails an aligning that is often challenging: alignment where inspiration, faith and self-discipline are ultimately fused. Ease encourages talent to flow, but ease may not come easily. Initial lack of ease commonly discourages, but is not a reliable predictor for the presence of potential.

For everyone, at least one job type fits one’s power. To discover this fit, it helps to have talent manifesting. The probability for personal happiness and vocational success soars in a job that fits with talent.

For many years, the goals of personal wealth building and greed have been over emphasized. This has narrowed and obscured awareness of powers, their manifestation and fit, while absurdly exaggerating the use of command and control, autocratic strategies (the popular alternative use of the “power” word). There are signs this imbalance has abated, and more effective forms of authority—being truly empowered to influence with core human values—will increasingly be demanded.

Note the re-emergence of systematic and comprehensive thinking that highly respects human being, and witness the conversations about conscious leadership, effective workplace culture and Conscious Capitalism. Hopefully, your leadership awareness displays brilliantly your talents for wisdom, insight and persistence, and with your mastery the initiatives you take will further the discerning conversation.

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