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When Values Vaporize

Acting as a leader or participant aiming to accomplish worthy goals requires both vision and courage.

Both are required.

In any moment when a worthy vision is extraordinary and its mere articulation seems brave, the articulation itself can feel satisfyingly courageous. If then the check goes in the box — “Done” — follow-through is forestalled, the action does not materialize, the vision evaporates in the despairing experience of worthy-visionary-words-without-courageous-action. Deeply disappointing. The vapor of hope.

Today, everyone in a position of authority is called a “leader”, so the word has lost precision. In stuffed-shirted ways, “leaders” articulate human values and worthy goals while authorizing cultures of fear and apprehension. Such is not the congruence of real leadership.

We call for discerning conversations, for leadership accountability, for acts of courageous consummation to erect the bridges and latticeworks enroute to making worthy visions manifest in a closely held or publicly traded enterprise. Effective strategic and tactical planning, with culture change and accountability, is often the difference between mediocrity and sustained brilliance. Without courageous action there is very limited leadership; and if the action is brazen self-interest, there is probably self-authorized crime without authentic social courage.

Take the initiative to hold discerning conversations about the leadership you witness every day, articulate the worthy vision, and courageously follow through with action that inspires us all!

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