Unequivocal Leadership Communications Needed!

It is not a time for silence and sideline posturing.
I recommend you gather your leaders before this weekend starts, to create and implement the simplest of communication plans.

The message: Unequivocal support of universal core human values and condemnation of racial bigotry (e.g., white supremacists) and hate groups.

The audiences: All stakeholders: employees, customers, business partners, shareholders, and the communities you serve.

It is not a time to delay. It is not a time to debate and ponder whether to speak out. It is not a time to puzzle about what to say. There is no time!

You simply need to support universal core human values and condemn racial bigotry and hate groups.

There is no time for business leaders to equivocate. It is time for very uncomplicated communications by adults.

Let me know if you are having difficulty with this. Otherwise, get to it!   Please!