Thinking to the extreme of achievement

Approach your life’s work with the following strategy. Practice and maintain this perspective every day — 

Think to the extreme of achievement.
Contemplate this. Practice doing this daily.

By this, I mean thinking to the extreme of whatever will achieve your goal – yet, even more than that! Not settling for other’s expectations, but defining new expectations. Going beyond what may be considered outstanding. Finding the truth that has not been revealed, the solution that has not been invented.

Here is essential guidance and encouragement for you to proceed: 

  • The great truth about human behavior is this: Your world becomes what your mind harbors. You have heard this wisdom many times, in many ways. Perhaps you have regarded it as esoteric fortune cookie wisdom. But, I can assure you this is the lens for your learning, the filter for your prioritizations, procrastination, investments, and motivations. It is the deceptive governor born of your coping strategies for dealing with trauma. It is your ally only when you have the awareness and discipline of an Olympian in training.
  • If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right — in both cases. The Olympian has learned to believe s/he can, so does, hence will. Indeed, your world becomes what your mind harbors. And this is true for every single human being (e.g., your family, friends, teammates, company, community, humanity). 
  • What is on your mind is an essential awareness for authentic leadership. Authentic leadership operates above the tug and torment of trauma — above fear, anxiety, and insecurities — above personal psychology. This is a fundamental difference between the mission-oriented adult and the self-absorbed adolescent, regardless of his or her chronologic age.
  • It is possible, not easy, to gain the skill for placing your mind’s attention on what you want your mind to harbor. Your mental focus can be trained to become a very reliable asset. Such focus requires independence and self-respect that is distinguishing. Such self-respect is the foundation of happiness. 
  • One of the keys to achievement is questioning authority objectively and constructively and not thinking as sycophants do. Given that we live in an age of sycophancy, this will make you remarkable immediately.

So thinking to the extreme of achievement — for anything you assign your attention — is a mindset for exceptional achievement. Thinking to the extreme of achievement is not lazy, or complacent, or dull, or expected. It is a thriving, elevating attitude behind being characteristically insightful. Two athletes who have demonstrated this way of being are Olympian Simone Biles and 2021 PGA Champion Phil Mickelson. Applied to business, it is the core of the teachings of W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne of Blue Ocean Strategy fame.

Consider this: Go for it! Make this your new normal, and then sustain it. Demonstrate it consistently, and it will emulate you. You will amaze others and grow your brilliance daily. Think to the extreme of achievement!