Thanksgiving & The Grace of Adult Action

I enjoy holidays, and Thanksgiving is my favorite! It is a day for gratitude and good conversation, sincerity, and reflection. Born out of Early American multi-cultural history, it is simultaneously universal, and it supports our global appetite for the right action. I am with family and fun in Vail, Colorado, this year. As I recall, each of my Thanksgiving holidays has been loving and wonderful, and I am truly thankful in my heart.

The ability of a person to emanate from a space of compassion, wisdom and strategic boundaries is a hallmark of the adult. The adult resides in each of us, more remotely in some than others.

It is our dharma to do the work of being our adult selves in the world…of standing to our full height…of being human beings. The Native Americans use that phrase as an honor, not as an excuse. For example, they confer on certain elders the title of a true human being or great human being. It honors the adult state — distinct from the adolescent — as the ultimate prize of contentment and happiness goes to the adult.

Among all of the tools in your “medicine bag,” the most essential are respect for your Self and respect for your Life.

What we are doing here on Earth is about personal growth and significant contribution to the container that is civilization. Here, we add value in two ways: (1) directly, by our actions every day, and (2) indirectly, by the example we set for others to emulate — profoundly, for our children and grandchildren and others do emulate. So, action supports emulation and these yield civilization. We have a lot of choice in the quality of civilization that evolves.

In many ways, the legacy you leave lives in those who take inspiration for how they can act every day — when they see their possibilities reflected in the mirror you represent.

Be adult. Practice non-violence. Be clear about boundaries and goals. The Natural Force that aids truth and leadership and core values will be there to support you, illumining your actions. May the Force Be with You.

Are you consciously living with purpose and joy, with faith and contentment? Be thankful for that. Happy Thanksgiving!