C-Suite Jokers and These Weird Whacky Times

Isn’t the world a very silly place right now? What a funny stage the United States of America presents for watching the play of “leaders.” Come laugh with me at just a few of the jokers:

  • ”Stunned Disbelief Jon Corzine” — ex-chief executive of defunct MF Global, accused of disappearing up to $1.2 billion of customer funds — testified before the Congress of the United States on December 8th, declaring, “I simply do not know where the money is, or why the accounts have not been reconciled to date.” That’s too hilarious for the work of professional gag writers. He was the CEO! It is very complicated to disappear $.5 billion to $1.2 billion. You don’t do it alone. Yet no other adults on the planet stopped it before it completely disappeared. Who’s laughing now? Do you suspect that Mr. Corzine, who had been U.S. Senator Corzine and Governor Corzine of the State of New Jersey, left the Congressional hearing and proceeded into the rest of his life with a sense of entitlement?
  • Ah! The U.S. Congress and the Executive Branch is so full of jokers today that despite oaths to work for the public good, these jokers bend noise and light to make their corruption sound and look attractive…but, only to themselves! Wait! Hark, what goes there? Isn’t that America going around in circles, headed down the drain? What a riot!
  • Recently, a well-known assistant college football coach and a well-known assistant college basketball coach were accused of molesting minors countless times, without any other adult stopping their pedophile practices. Isn’t it uproariously funny to consider these guys may have qualified for the priesthood.
  • Of the eight major banks that did receive TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) Funds, including Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp. (including Merrill Lynch), Citigroup Inc., Wells Fargo & Co., Bank of New York Mellon and State Street Corp., governments have not brought indictments against any of the executives or board members. What a practical joke! Just ask the investigative team at “60 Minutes,” who must be slaphappy after researching this bizarre blockage for nine months.
  • Kooky practitioners in the fields of organizational effectiveness (OE), organizational development (OD), and leadership development (LD) can receive masters and doctorate degrees in their “profession” without the commitment or know how to sustain core values in organizations. Rather than being champions of core social values in the face of arrogant executive superficiality and greed, they are happy with the intriguing fun of intervention processes aimed at tactical change.
  • The EPA, after months of inaction and more months of “studying the problem” finally declared that hydraulic fracturing (commonly called fracking) by pressure injecting caustic chemicals deep underground to obtain natural gas, is probably harmful to health. In Wyoming, ground water in proximity to fracking operations was found to contain dangerous quantities of some funny stuff potable water must not contain: benzene, methane and the chemicals that comprise household bleach. EPA stands for Environmental Protection Agency. Citizens of Wyoming are still looking for environmental protection from their state government.
  • And then there are those fruit loop funsters, the troopers at record-setting Goldman Sachs, which recently announced mega end-of-year bonuses, rivaling the prior record for bonuses, set in the years those hilarious humanitarians were receiving TARP funds. Emmett Kelly, eat your heart out!

How do you deal with these zany pranksters many call “leaders”? Do you read the news each day near a toilet, afraid the violent laughter that ensues might make you pee in your pants? Essentially, my question is: How do you contain yourself?!!!