Note to Self: Worthy Rocks!

I versus We. It’s like comparing a match to a bonfire.

Worthy missions are socially constructive. They serve the greater “We.”

“Me” or “I” is less consciousness than “Us” or “We.” (Fewer minds for mindfulness; less inspiration for innovation.)

Even if “I” is not self-absorbed, one is fundamental — mathematically — limited for inspiration. Two or more heads are better than one… A community of hearts has legendary power…  (“It’s the hearts’ synergy, you see!”)

Leadership toward socially worthy goals amps the opportunity for Getting To Insight™. The most powerful competitive advantage in the Universe is the conscious and sustainable ability of an enterprise for Getting To Insight™ every day of the year.

Worthiness rocks! It is attractive; it humanizes; it enables connection and induces vulnerability. It amplifies curiosity, sweetening and focusing the sympathetic desire to achieve.

Worthy ignites human brilliance! No group ever exceeded prior human achievement by the motive of maximizing corporate profits. But, trigger the imagination to uplift mankind or bring comfort where darkness dwells, and a team will insightfully go where none have gone before. Then, maximizing profits may become the happy byproduct of inspired potential.

The essence of worthiness inspired anthropologist Margaret Mead to observe, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

So, sincerely consider — for the sake of civilization — is what your leadership inspires worthy?