Note to Self: On the intersection of character and convenience

Some rules govern human brilliance. To illustrate: Do the right thing. Today is as important a day as any. It is potentially more historical than most, with opportunities for everyone to behave as adults do, with courage and discerning wisdom informed by dharmic imperatives (i.e., the cosmic law underlying core human values, right behavior, and constructive social order).

Your example counts, perhaps far more than you think it does, and you might not realize you are being observed.

We all do such a significant amount of learning through observation and emulation. All are witnesses to the lessons in leadership and how well we learn becomes historic. Many appear to assume the examples of those in authority are worthy. Ironically, leadership examples that are highly worth emulating are uncommon. When mediocrity — and much less sociopathy and grotesque self-absorption — bend and break the honorable arc of core human values, we are all fundamentally endangered.

In the mysticism of each person’s story, character counts. Who among us does the right thing with perception, daily, or consistently? Such is more crucial than subordinating character to impeachable authority.

Residing in each of us is the discerning wisdom to do the right thing! Have you the awareness and courage to initiate doing the right thing, while others are waiting for that to become popular?

Make it your rule to set a brilliant example each day!