For More Than Selfish Satisfaction

Life unfolds for all of us in patterns of passion and boredom…of fears and patterns of irony. I know this well. I see gifts in people, and patterns in Life.

You know a lot about this. You see your patterns if you pause and take a true look at them: like the pattern of how you feel so generative (so alive, creative and self-respectful) when in good company, and how you feel deflated and despairing when bad company or bad thoughts have easy access to your attention ‑ or the attention of those you lead.

Generally, our patterns are not as interesting as our prominences ‑ the joys or terrors that appear. With time, the prominent levels-off, as terror may evolve into character, and joy matures to cherished memories.

Yet, when personal mission aligns with vocational mission, and imagination prompts correlated visions of possibilities, then Life takes on an excitement and vibrancy that is unmistakable. It is as if God has given the commission for “This” to be done. We take “This” as Dharmic ‑ sacred duty. This phenomenon is normal in well-led military organizations intent on worthy mission, and impossible to find in business companies that regard profits as mission.

Irony often clouds such patterns. Financial insecurity for most – including you and me ‑ is a trigger for disruptive worry and even dread, inhibiting the dancing-on-light state we find conducive for getting to insight. Inhibited insight limits intuitive genius and profitability, now and in the future.

Our sacred leadership duty is grounded in worthy mission and core human values ‑ despite the challenging irony of prominences and patterns.

The most effective leaders empower worthy missions passionately, and commit for more than selfish satisfaction. Predictably, such leaders are worth emulating.