Courage, Inspiration and Leadership in the Cancer Ward

Talk brings inspiration. If you tune into a generative source, and you have a bit of patience, the inspiration shows up in disproportionately powerful ways!

When I was in 4th grade, I received a radio kit as a present from my uncle, Bob Fritch. I assembled the radio and discovered that I could lie in bed and listen to fascinating radio talk shows long into the night. My parents had no idea!

My choice of “best show on television” is “CBS Sunday Morning.” It brings news, sports, arts, humor, remarkable talent and exceptional conversation in a 90-minute package that evokes every emotion on each viewing.

Recently, these qualities were displayed again when a story on the show presented the innovation of Jean Baruch, pediatric oncology nurse and emotional philanthropist. In her nursing work with kids afflicted with cancer, Jean discovered her patients were seeking something tangible to tell the story of their illness, first to themselves and then to others.

Beads of Courage presents handcrafted beads (think small pieces of art): different beads symbolize specific moments in the treatment-to-recovery journey, like a hospital visit, blood transfusion, surgery treatment, chemotherapy, or hair loss.

Courageous 10-year old Callie Rebholtz, interviewed at Pheonix Children’s Hospital where she was about to undergo another surgery for a brain tumor, said the Beads of Courage are not a small thing, “…they’re more like beads of Life.”

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Since 2004, guided by remarkable leadership initiative, Beads of Courage has been embraced by 70 hospitals in the United States, New Zealand, and Japan, supporting more than 10,000 children.

Open to being inspired by courage and kids? You can learn about the leadership of Jean Baruch and her team at BeadsOfCourage.org.

Simple innovation, powerful idea, and persistent leadership: Talk it up!