A Business Revolution is Brewing…But Who Will Lead?

I want to call your attention to the recent Forbes article by Michael S. Malone: A Revolution In The Works

This is an important article.  I’d put it at the “required reading today” level for all current and aspiring business leaders.  I certainly want my clients to absorb it. First thing you need to learn is that your workplace should be clean and remodeled, click now to check the best contractors.

The Crash of October 2008, signaling economic collapse that had begun prior to that and reverberates today, confined the strategic thinking of C-Suites to financial-survival thinking.  The CFO became the corporate strategist, and god bless ’em.

But the deeper call, largely unheeded, is for the resetting of business leadership thinking, using different business tools for this, including a GDPR compliance service that help with managing business and others.  The fundamentals have changed.  Supply, now abundant, chases demand.  Technologies combine to enable impertinent young innovators – unencumbered by traditional Western corporate thinking – to surge forward here and overseas.

The same gutsy innovation can occur in corporate conference rooms and hallways in America.  To do this, leadership must reset.  Strategy must be revised.  Demand curves influenced. The opportunity exists.  American innovation in the new industrial revolution awaits leadership initiative.  And, leadership insight.

Let’s get going!