12 Questions about Your Approach to Leadership

Ready for a consequential conversation with yourself, about your leadership and management?

The 12 Questions

  1. Do people give you critical feedback willingly?
  2. Do you trust other people to do their jobs?
  3. Do you make tough decisions graciously?
  4. Do you faithfully have a sense of humor?
  5. Do you listen more than you speak, or vice versa?
  6. When others mirror your values do they honor you?
  7. Is your team prepared to carry out its mission in your absence?
  8. Can your team members teach each other’s role and responsibility?
  9. Do you authentically and consistently demonstrate self-respect?
  10. Do you actively develop the capacity and contribution of each associate?
  11. Is “your example” teaching people to be congruent, courageous and conscientious?
  12. Does your mission inform your actions and attitude illuminatingly?

In the leadership space, self-awareness is the threshold to constructive changeThank you.