To Be Wholly Nudged and Persuaded

How remarkable! What paradigm-shaking action by the Roman Catholic Cardinals, who solemnly swore to make the best decision, not the most self-serving choice.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal within minutes of the announcement:

“Taking the name Pope Francis, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina was elected as head of the Roman Catholic Church on Wednesday [March 13th, 2013],  putting the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics under direction of a pope from the New World for the first time in Christianity’s 2,000 year history.”

His reputation is for humility and simplicity.  He is said to be a tireless advocate of the poor and less fortunate.  A week ago, as Cardinal, he lived in humble quarters, often cooked for himself, and refused the limousine for taxis and public transportation.

Where leadership is powerfully influenced through emulation, what a remarkable role model Pope Francis makes!

Imagine.  What might the impact of this decision be — the influence of Pope Francis as leader and role model — on Roman Catholic CEOs?  Subsequently, on the more conscious Non-Catholic CEOs?  Prayerfully, on the U.S. Congress?

Indeed, what the world considers acceptable under the designation of leadership is being nudged and persuaded, pushing core human values to take precedence.

Are you remaining passive?  Or, is your leadership amplifying this change in your world?