Relating to Uplift

Who knew we weren’t as relational, back then — before Crash and TARP?  Yet, look at us, now!  Spurred by economic insecurity, betrayal and despair, we are networking our buns off — tweeting, linking in, email marketing, and friending with such Wi-Fi ferocity that our landline telephones are threatened for extinction.

The pattern is clear and evolving: In our personal quest out of new poverty, shame or personal insecurity we’ve sensed in our gut that forming new relationships beats solitude and self-pity.  Says something about our old relationships, doesn’t it?

I hired the most effective social media consultant I could find.  He is a specialist, fully immersed in his emerging field, and he has great heart to amply balance his technical savvy. So, among other things, Scott Hepburn (mediaemerging.com) informs me that blogging is less about writing and more about conversing.  He teaches how the evolving world of social media is about relating to diverse people across the country and around the earth, with neat social protocol.

Scott says we must respect those who tweet, but especially those who leave thoughtful comments on our blog posts, articles and book reviews. He introduces me to his friends and colleagues, teaching an honest ethic in each and every communication.

People in this new relating space are regarded for their content, authenticity, and trajectory.  It feels like worthy endeavor, conveying core values, even erasing despair.

How are you relating your values in this new world?  Teach back, please.