Refreshing our Perspectives

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Getting To Insight™

Insight is as close to a generative miracle in the workplace – a producible panacea – as anything I’ve discovered. By insight, I refer to

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The Right (New) CEO

The primary learning source about “leadership” is emulation. The phenomenon is referred to as biomimicry by evolutionary biologist, Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker, in her bestseller, Teeming.

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The Outline for Strategic Planning

Strategic planning can provide the geometry for organizational alignment, the blueprint for sustained brilliance. In a polarized world, we need the discerning wisdom possible in strategic

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The Question-Authority Contemplation

Change happens! I’m older and feel younger. Embodied, or helium. Apprehensive, now elated. Fake news?! Fist pounding! Definitive hyperbole!!! Head scratching? Time passes. Prejudice persists or

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When Values Vaporize

Acting as a leader or participant aiming to accomplish worthy goals requires both vision and courage. Both are required. In any moment when a worthy vision

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