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Got 4 Minutes? Motivate For Years.

How long do you think it would take to change the world if enough people acted effectively? Four decades? A lifetime?

What if it could be done in four years?

FOUR YEARS. GO. is a campaign “to shift humanity’s course toward a just, fulfilling and sustainable future by the end of 2014.” Why the four-year timeframe? The organization’s supporters believe we need to stop waiting for someone else to fix humanity’s future, and four years is sufficient time to affect meaningful change.

I applaud FOUR YEARS. GO. as a departure from the rut we’ve sunk into – economically, politically and socially. In an era when the world’s political powers-that-be can’t find agreement even on modest, incremental improvements, we need leaders who dare to think big.

If four years is too far in the future for you to imagine, could you give me four minutes?

Take 3 minutes right now to watch the video above. Learn about FOUR YEARS. GO. Then take 60 seconds to visit and click “Get Involved.” Make a commitment. Take a stand. Change the course of history.

Too idealistic? Perhaps, but not by the standard of need. Maybe a healthy dose of good-for-the-earth idealism is what leaders could propose right now. It’s a small price to pay for a much-needed course correction for our planet.

Watch the video. Get involved. Make a difference. Shape a worthy mission for the next four years.

Are you a pragmatist with ideals? Good. Lead on!