“If an organization is not creating a highly meaningful connection between its purpose and the purpose of the majority of employees, it may be suffering massive opportunity costs that a disproportionately rewarded C-Suite is not counting — regardless of the shareholder value.”

– Bruce W. Fritch

Sample Projects

✓ Facilitated strategic planning for $8.6 billion publicly traded retailer. Presented for board approval and then worked with board and executive chairman to enhance planning and teamwork at board level. Included advice and coaching for new CFO’s transition to COO.

✓ Tasked with “salvaging” a brilliant but problematic CEO of global, vertically integrated technology manufacturer. Advised and coached the CEO, and advised the chair and deputy board chair, while conferring with the board.

✓ Facilitated five-day offsite “summit” for the board chair and operating committee of a global professional services firm, which faced a historic cultural turning point. The partners were fundamentally disaffected with executive leadership and the challenge was to “reality-base” the operating committee and leadership and develop a radically new approach to operating the business, evolving the culture and ensuring accountability in implementation.

✓ Partnered with world-renowned CEO of major industry association to transform the leadership team and organizational culture into a model of thought-leadership, collaborative teamwork and organizational effectiveness.

✓ Conducted comprehensive strategic and tactical planning for a major community services non-profit. The project was initiated by a special committee of the board, which had concerns about the abilities and responsiveness of the CEO. The extent of the cultural change had to be guided by, and aligned with, extensive value clarification and implementation accountability – changing the mission, vision and goals of the organization.

✓ Designed and taught practical leadership values workshops at the North American headquarters of an EU-based manufacturer. Identified principles and practices particularly important to the company’s strategic growth and provided ongoing advice to CEO and executive management.

✓ Facilitated strategic planning with CEO and senior management team of a leading commercial real estate development and property management firm with a record of 25 consecutively profitable years. Acted as advisor and coach for executive leaders and designed and facilitated leadership development and team building process.

✓ Led a comprehensive strategic review and leadership audit for the board of directors and executive team at one of the most profitable steel producers in North America, headquartered in Canada. Culminated in two-day off-site meeting in which the executive management presented plans and perspective. Board critiqued the strategic plan with oversight and wisdom.

✓ Conducted organizational effectiveness research, including market studies, and facilitated strategic planning for the board chair, CEO, and executive committee of a global professional services firm. The goal was to align operating practices, across the organization, with a new strategic direction and Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award service standards.

✓ Conducted situation assessments and facilitated strategic planning with teams comprised of CEOs of competing member companies. Facilitated strategic and operational planning with committees charged with translating and implementing the strategic plans. Strategy consultant to CEO for the “reinvention” of the oldest major industry association in North America based in Washington, DC.

✓ Targeted “preferred provider” relationships with specific Fortune 500 firms. Business development strategist to ten partner-led business development teams within a Big Four accounting and professional services firm.

✓ Created leadership, culture and market strategies to reposition and differentiate a Big Four firm in its goal to becoming the preeminent professional services business in the world. Worked in collaboration with executive-level partners. Developed recommendations for firm-wide strategic architecture and advised on key elements of implementation.

✓ Executive advisor to the president of global commercial real estate services firm. Assisted this exceptional individual in his transition from “rainmaker” to general manager to CEO. Also collaborated with building the performance capacity of the senior management, HR and marketing teams.

✓ Advisor and executive coach for the new CEO and senior partners of one of the world’s largest professional services firms. Frequent facilitator and strategist in the creation of the firm-wide plan for executive leadership.